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184 – Mathematics?

Beyond the first aspect « manipulative » of this activity, it is clear to us that such a workshop promotes the construction of many other skills essential to child development: Add a comment Read more 2 attachments Install techno corner – some tips by Sylvie Pralong on 04/01/10 – 10:46 p.m. in: Gr kindergarten school level> kindergarten Science and Techno pedagogical principles> experimental trial and error Thanks to the genius of our master to tou (te) s. JF handyman, we could establish a base to develop a techno corner. GST refrain PS must work at it, MS GS smoothly.

Meeting techno-kindergarten Group – School of Ille in Aurelie – Monday, 23 October Add a comment Read more 4 attachments Educating the environment in kindergarten By Catherine Chabrun the 23/10/09 – 10:47 In: Gr. kindergarten news article Science and Techno> life Sciences and Earth through the experience of fifteen kindergartens Brussels and Walloon, this number invites teachers to integrate the environment in their daily activities without being specialists in the field. It gives food for thought to overcome some obstacles, supplemented by some types activities to be undertaken.

Add a comment Read more Article by Giordan technology in kindergarten By Sylvie Pralong on 04/01/10 – 10:31 p.m. In: Gr Kindergarten article Science and Techno From technology to nursery school. Hypertechnology as a tool for training a comment 1 attachment
3 Results Video: Word to the Children’s Rights Sector ICEM … By Claude Beaunis on 26/08/15 – 5:54 p.m.

In: Gr Congress Child Rights> Conference pedagogical principles> rights. child Claude Beaunis Add comment Read more Children and adults together build participatory democracy in the city, at school … by Catherine Chabrun the 02/06/11 – 11:06 in: Gr Rights. child Congress document preparation Education teaching Principles> rights of the child call for Congress Add a comment Read more 1 attachment Strasbourg Congress – ICEM / OCCE by Muriel Quoniam 28/08/09 – 1:55 p.m. in: Gr. Child Rights report Congress Education teaching Principles> cooperation ICEM / OCCE: around the values ??of cooperation, what possible convergence to a common front for Children?

Jean-Francois Vincent, former president of the OCCE The objective of this workshop was to bring together the energies of the two movements. Add a comment Read more
2 Results WITH children, FOR the respect of their rights by Catherine Chabrun on 27/05/16 – 8:00 In: Gr current Child Rights a website The SAFE collective’s website (Working together for the rights. child) Add a comment Read more Decipher violence, interview with Laurent Mucchielli by Catherine Chabrun on 05/01/10 – 4:59 p.m. in: Gr current child Rights a website by Nicolas Duvoux on. Site: life ideas Add comment Read more

1 to 10 from 56 results Why? How? The literature search in: school level> second degree Why How FP PEMF For teachers review History-Geo Science and Techno Teaching Techniques> literature June 1986 Each of us is in search of a position almost permanently and documentary research involved in this basic need. Need and necessity we can not do without information, to find us there.

We use literature to build our knowledge and, at the same time, we build for ourselves through reflection and method of work it entails. (To download the file to print, click:) Authors: Marie-Claire Traverse and Pierrette Guibourdenche More The little prince and the great story: High School In: The New Educator PEMF For review teachers History Geo> History February 2006 High school « Kovcheg XXI » Kracnogorsk located in the outskirts of Moscow, has existed since 1992. 240 students from kindergarten to grade 11 ° study there.

For fourteen years the teachers not to build not a different school in Freinet. Russia Author: Rustam Kyurbatov Read more New Educator No. 28 In Chronic National Education> BCD The International Educator New PEMF For teachers review> French summary> Oral language French> Scripture-reading History Geo Learning Techniques > classroom organization> teaching Techniques Drive class> class organization> class transplanted Movements> Freinet movement> FIMEM teaching Principles> communication> correspondence teaching techniques> retrieval April 1991 Italy Authors: Andrew Lefeuvre, Christine Seeboth Claudine Braun, Giancarlo Cavinato, Jean-Michel Zakhartchouk, Marie-Eve ??Compere, Philippe Geneste, Pierre Guerin Robert Boudet and Solange Mansillon more detectives Aboncourt-Gezincourt In: the Educator PEMF For teachers review Geo History> History of the Study mid June 1988 more History setting bo your In: Creations PEMF For pupils For review teachers History Geo> History Arts> Visual Arts French> Scripture-reading instructional principles> term-creation pedagogical techniques> Technical Plastic Arts in May 2006 creations No.

116 – Bestiary – March / April 2005 Class PS-MS Preschool. Preschool Aubette Magny en Vexin (Val d’Oise) – Teacher Agnes Happy Author: Agnes Happy Learn more in the footsteps of boatmen of the Loire In: Creations PEMF For students For teachers review Arts History- geo> History pedagogical principles> term-creation pedagogical techniques> educational documentary research techniques> exit, travel, tour March 2000 online Journal Creations in the footsteps of boatmen of the Loire CE2- School Mayollet in Roanne (Loire) – Teacher: Christian Bizieau already published in the creations Review, No.

91 – cultural places, active tours – in March-April 2000 (Editions PEMF) Author: Christian Bizieau more About the visit of a company in: the New Educator to PEMF teachers journal Science and Techno> life Sciences and Earth environment History Research Geo teaching techniques> classroom organization> opening March 1997 I. The meaning of a visit The visit of a business is very tempting to school: that’s life, finally! Authors: Jean-Jose Quiles, Jean-Marie Boutinot and Pierrette Guibourdenche More « Do not travel as luggage, open your eyes to read the world » in: Editorial The New Educator PEMF For review teachers History Geo> Geography November 2006 study of geography can not be pay for essay and homework
reduced to the lessons from the textbook, or even documentary research decided by the master, the first goal is to make the program.

Bringing life in school, became interested in the local environment, take time to observe the surrounding environment, are too often absent from classes. Time is counted ; ago the program. Author: Margaret Bachy More Glance landscape In: The New Educator PEMF For review teachers History Geo> Geography mid Study November 2006 Introduction to the New folder Educator No.

183 « Perspectives on Landscape » Know more originally the « promenade class », in: the New Educator PEMF for teachers review Geo History> Geography middle of study teaching Techniques> class organization> Drive class in November 2006 out of the class, study the environment; a break with a bookish teaching geography Author: Edmond Lemery Read more 1 2 3 4 5 6 next> last »
1 result Results The New Educator No. 184 – Mathematics?

It’s natural ! In: The New Educator For teachers review instructional techniques> living calculation pedagogical principles> experimental trial and error learning techniques> creamath teaching techniques> mathematical creative teaching techniques> math research ordered by paid subscription online in October 2007 No. 184 – October 2007 Add comment Read more
1 to 10 from 11 Results MNLE CP By Michele Comte 04/09/16 – 6:37 p.m.

In: report Internship French> Scripture-reading instructional principles> natural method> natural method of reading and writing Add new comment Read more 1 attachment Journal internship Rostrenen 2016 – short workshop: the natural method of read-write by Claude Beaunis on 08/24/16 – 2:32 p.m.

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